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The is an innovative, fun and welcoming place for visitors and locals alike to find and share information about Grand Rapids.

In the heart of downtown, the is a collaborative effort among public, private and non-profit organizations. It offers one central location that connects to the entire region, and brings the most up to date information to you.

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The is a great place to discover new things to see and do, talk to a helpful person, find your niche in the community, explore the digital kiosks, engage in fun riddles and games, peruse the traditional brochures and maps, or just relax and recharge in between adventures.

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Whether you’re a first time visitor to Grand Rapids, looking for ideas for out-of-town guests, or just playing tourist in your own backyard, you’re going to want the lowdown on the major attractions, significant events, and hottest dining and entertainment options.

Stop by the  and let our friendly and knowledgeable team answer your questions or help you create an itinerary that suits your interests and timeframe. Relax in our comfortable and inviting downtown welcome center, browse the literature rack and online resources, perhaps sample some local coffee or treats, pick up maps and special coupons, arrange a special tour, or just make it an inspiring central meeting place for friends.

We’re here to welcome you and help you learn about and experience the great things GR has to offer. Stop in for a visit to find out more.


Whether you’re a local, or a visitor who prefers to travel off the beaten path, we’ll make sure you’re in the know about the vibe of the city, where’s the place to be this week, and the hidden gems that suit your liking.

And if you’re the one in the know, share it – at the  or on social media @GR! This is a conversation among friends here, keeping each other in the loop of all the great things happening downtown, in the neighborhood, and across West Michigan.

Get to know a few locals who never lack for things to see and do. Find a virtual friend in the  Social Circle with similar (or different!) interests and hear their weekly suggestions.

If you’re interested in the major attractions and most popular destinations, be sure to also check out the EXPLORE page.


If you’re looking for a great place to live, work, and play, you’ve found it in West Michigan. There’s a unique vibe here that isn’t easily found in other places. The positive, collaborative attitude creates the ability to think big and accomplish big - we hope you are ready to join in on it!

Stop by the  to get to know a little more about the history and culture of the region, and explore Pillars of the Community both past and present. We’ll get you connected to the people and places that will help you find and enjoy your perfect niche in the West Michigan community.

Be sure to find out what the visitors and locals are up to on the EXPLORE and SHARE pages


West Michigan is home to more than 20 colleges and universities—including three of the top ranked liberal arts colleges in the nation—enrolling 125,000 students. 

The is the perfect central location when you want to explore beyond the campus, mix and mingle with students from other schools, and get to know the larger community of West Michigan.

September 12-18 is GR 101 College Week. Click here for more information.

Stop by the for more information on events & activities offering student discounts, and connect with the resources you’ll want to know about when looking for furthering your education, internships, and career opportunities in the area.

Be sure to find out what the visitors and locals are up to on the EXPLORE and SHARE pages, and look here if you are looking to RELOCATE.


Sometimes you just need an answer to a question and wish there was a person who could help you cut through the clutter.

Whether it’s advice on where to park, finding the building where you get your license renewed, who do you talk to if you want to have your wedding in a local park, where to begin the process of launching your own business, or anything else you just need to know where the starting point is located, the can help you connect to it.

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